Ship Service:

1-Our Marine Survey division provides a full range of inspection services that enable owners and operators to safeguard the integrity, compliance and profitability of their vessels for the entire lifecycle: 
    A-Visual coating and crack inspections
    B-Steel renewal calculations and surveys
    C-Measurements for owner interest
    D-Corrosion inspections Video inspection surveys
   E-Condition Assessment
   F-Vessel pre-docking inspections.
2-Ship supplier ( Deck & Engine Store, Provision Store…)
3-Mechanical, electrical, & repair. 
4- Spare parts, ME, AUX. ENG ‘ other machinery and bridge equipment.

Life Boat Inspection and Maintenance:

1- Annual inspection of lifeboats, davit, and winch system.
2- 5 yearly service of lifeboat, David, and winch system.
3- Annual inspection of the rescue boat.
4- Engine repair.